Safe Pocket, a registered trademark

Based in Luxembourg Safe Pocket is the result of the energy and experience developed by Trading GC S.A. and Ad-Corner S.A. (Limited Liability Enterprises) Safe Pocket places at your disposal it's «know how» in the domain of condom pouches as much in regards to the realization as in regards to its printing. It also shares its privileged relation with the manufacturers of condom. Specialized in advertising supports and condom pouches, Trading GC S.A. shared that extensive knowledge and experience with Safe Pocket so as to enable it to become one of the current European leaders in the domain of condom pouches. As far as Ad-corner S.A. is concerned, it has shared its know-how in the domain of lay out and advertising creation so as to establish a genuine link between the support and your advertising, promotional or preventive campaign.

The company is certified ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 in order to meet European standards and bring you success for your brand communication "condom" campaign. 

The team is at your service