Why wear a condom ?

There are several answers and several reasons to this question. Here are some of them:

  • The condom is the one and only effective protection against STIs (sexually transmitted infections) and HIV during sexual encounters.
  • The condom, along with the contraceptive pill, is an excellent means of contraception.
  • The use of the condom is a proof of respect for your partner. It is the best way of protecting your partner while having sex.
  • The condom is available to all. It is not expensive and you can buy it anywhere from a supermarket, to the pharmacy to the Internet.
  • Using a condom allows the man to hold back for the right time to ejaculate. It therefore allows the sex to go on for longer, along with the pleasure!

Whatever it may be, there is still no vaccine against AIDS and there are many other STIs which are highly embarrassing. It can never be said enough: GO OUT COVERED UP!

Why wear a condom ? - FAQ