Fair Squared

FAIR SQUARED is an alternative trade organization which aims to reduce trade inequalities around the world. FAIR SQUARED means “fair trade squared” and stands for quality products and a transparent manufacturing process. For FAIR SQUARED, fair trade is concretely found in paying a premium for ingredients from the poorest regions of the globe. This bonus is used locally by small farmers and plantation workers to improve their living and working conditions as well as those of their families.

FAIR SQUARED is also synonymous with fair trade relations with all the actors involved in the production process, human working conditions, an ecological and sustainable economy and a rejection of child labor and animal testing.

FAIR SQUARED uses natural rubber from fair trade for its condoms. FAIR SQUARED condoms are also registered with the Vegan Society because production is carried out without casein. FAIR SQUARED condoms are available in different sizes and are climate neutral.

The FAIR SQUARED brand also offers menstrual cups in natural rubber, always from fair trade and Vegan certified. A real natural product, a real ecological alternative without plastic, silicone and any substance dangerous for health like BPA, PVC, phthalates or bleach.


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Fair Squared Menstrual Cup

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