The condom pouches are conditioned by a number of units established in a polybag and put in carton.

Boxes are blank and measure 40x30x45 cm or 60x40x45 cm. 

For more considerable amounts, boxes are placed on wrapped Euro-pallets shot. A pallet may hold no more than 16 or 32 boxes.

Standard packaging 64UNO : 

  • Polybag of 500 units, carton of 1.000 pieces, dimensions 40x30x45cm, Weight 7kg
  • Polybag of 500 units, carton of 2.000 pieces, dimensions 60x40x45cm, Weight 13kg

Standard packaging 64DUO :

  • Polybag of 200 units, carton of 1.200 pieces, dimensions 60x40x45cm, Weight 15kg
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