Printable area

Recto of the pouch

You can print on the entire outside of the package, i.e. on the front and rear of the closed package. Only a small zone will be set aside for legal notices; therefore, you cannot place any message there. On the other hand, you can always use your backdrop colour in this area. Avoid excessively gaudy backdrops that make the text difficult to read.

Be sure to consider the closure either by gluing or by manual closing for your visual creation. 

Verso of the pouch

The back of the package, i.e. the inner liner of the closed package, is reserved for instructions on how to use the condom.
Default printing is one colour: black text on white background.

Printing on the aluminium foil

There is possible to customize the condom foil, depending on the brands and for a minimum series of some 144,000 units. These will be factory-printed, so delivery time is 4 months minimum.

Printable area - Technical information
Printable area - Technical information