What is the female condom?

The female condom appeared in the 1990s and is still rather rare. However, the female condom or "Femidom" is a real alternative to the male condom for vaginal penetration. It finally allows the woman to be able to choose an effective means of protection for herself against STIs (sexually transmitted infections) and HIV, without even asking her partner's opinion. Also, the female condom is made of polyurethane, which eliminates allergy problems connected with latex and it can be put in place at any time during the sexual encounter. The female condom also allows the man to stay inside the vagina after ejaculation, whereas any other male condom forces him to pull out immediately.

The Femidom requires a certain amount of technique for it to be inserted, but once that has been learnt, the female condom can be quickly and easily put in place. By fitting itself to the vaginal walls, the female condom has the advantage of leaving the man's penis free, so that it does not get too tight as can sometimes happen with the male condom.

Instructions for use :

  • Put yourself in a comfortable position, either lying, sitting or standing with one foot resting on a chair.
  • Open the individual female condom pack and take it out carefully, especially if you wear jewellery.
  1. Make sure that the inner ring is at the bottom of the condom. Hold the female condom by this ring by squeezing it with your thumb and index finger.
  2. Without letting go, insert the ring inside the vagina and push it as far as possible.
  3. Next, place your index finger inside the female condom and push the Femidom to the back of the vagina by pushing on the ring. When the Femidom is in place, the external ring must be outside the vagina.
  • To remove the female condom, turn the external ring to close the opening completely and to stop the sperm from pouring out. Now pull it gently.
  • Put the used Femidom back in its pack and throw it in the bin. Do not throw it down the toilet.

The simultaneous use of a male and female condom is not recommended !

What is the female condom?
What is the female condom?
What is the female condom?