When was the appearance of the condom?

In 12th century BC, King Minos of Crete used condoms made of goats' bladders to protect himself against diseases. As for the Japanese, in 10BC, they used a sheath called a "Kabutogate" made from leather or tortoise scales. The Chinese too, 4000 years ago, protected themselves with paper corsets or oiled silk strips of cloth. Certain writings lead it to be believed that the Romans and the Greeks had condoms made of animal membranes.

It was in the 15th century that Gabriele Falloppia, an Italian doctor, advocated a sort of protection made of linen material coated with ointment because of the syphilis epidemic which hit the people of Europe and in particular the military. Louis XIV then further developed this type of condom by adding the luxury of a silk or velour lining.

In 1735, the first condom made of animal appendices appeared. From that time protection would not cease to evolve and spread to through the people. In 1744, the first condom shop opened in London.

In 1870, the Scottish chemist Charles Goodyear invented rubber. Condoms would then be made from this new material which was much thinner at a thickness of 1mm.

The first latex condom appeared in 1880. Some years later, the tip also appeared. Finally, different colours, as well as flavours came to complete the range.

In the 20th century, thanks to medical advances in the fight against sexually transmitted infections (STI) and the invention of the contraception pill, the condom started to take a back seat. It was when the AIDS virus appeared that the condom came back onto the scene !

In the 1990s, condoms were vastly improved thanks to the new technology available. Durex developed a new condom, made of Duron, a type of polyurethane that is twice as strong as latex and above all, thinner for more sensation. The flavours and colours, the shapes and textures have been studied so much by the manufacturers and have led to the condom that we know today.

Today, condoms are the ONE AND ONLY means of protection against STIs and the HIV virus!

When was the appearance of the condom?
When was the appearance of the condom?