How are made quality testing of a condom?

For it to be effective, the quality of the condom is very important. Before any production, the raw material, the latex, already undergoes quality tests. Next, random tests are carried out finally from each batch. A batch represents 150,000 condoms under just one series number.

The production test : the strength of the latex can be tested by an electric assessment. The test is carried out on each condom before it is packed. If the test is negative, the condom is rejected.

The perforation test : this allows the quality of a batch of condoms to be test by filling the randomly selected samples with liquid and plunging them in a second liquid while receiving an electronic current. If it is detected in the outer liquid, there is a fault. If more than one fault is found in the same batch, then the whole batch is removed from the line.

The bursting test : this measures the consistency of the latex depending on the number of litres of air blown into the condom and the pressure of the air.

The ISO standard 4074:2002 certificate and the CE mark is obligatory in Europe. It guarantees of a good quality condom !

How are made quality testing of a condom?